We are PROBLEM SOLVERS. When others do consulting, WE AUTOMATE the businesses.

We are a Rhenus-owned unit specialized in the field of process automation. We represent a unique combination of interdisciplinary skills such as business analytics with the supply chain as domain expertise. Our experts include robotics and blockchain developers, data engineers, data scientists, big data analysts, and project managers from Rhenus knowledge networks. We create an outstanding partner ecosystem.

We have been operating in 6 European markets for 5 years, working with the world’s largest brands.

Rhenus Automation is a ONE STOP SOLUTION PROVIDER in intelligent automation and advisory services, making your supply chain digitally-enabled, transparent, and predictable, thus improving your decision-making capabilities.

We bring the most disruptive technologies for the supply chain, for example, RPA, ML, NLP, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data, Content Management Platform and a kind of an X-Ray Platform to assess and monitor your processes. Everything to help unleash the full potential of human and machine intelligence.

Our automation solutions can optimize nearly every supply chain process, including inventory planning, distribution, shipping, returns, and claims. It helps you not only meet the increased demand of e-commerce customers and maximize your operations but ultimately become more profitable and run a sustainable business.

Take a look at a manufacturing supply chain. The number of production machines, sensors, parameters, as well as the amount of generated data, can no longer be effectively analyzed only by humans. Our intelligent algorithms process such data and translate it into more significant insights allowing you to predict an anomaly and optimize production. Thanks to that, you can notice anomalies before products enter quality assurance, reduce unplanned downtime, and prevent expensive breakdowns.

We are Robotic Process Automation (RPA) professionals providing you with robots that work just like your employees, interacting with the user interfaces of your applications and carrying out tasks automatically. RPA can provide your company with many benefits, such as increased productivity, reduced costs, and happier employees.

Are you searching for a precise indication of the provenance of products? We provide it with our digital passport for products. It allows you to monitor the life cycle of different recyclable products like plastic and car batteries. Blockchain technology we offer traces waste generation from raw materials to recyclers.

Switching between different applications and struggling to find the right document is another huge challenge in most organizations. Can you imagine staying in one application and seeing all content relevant to your current task in the context of the business process? We can make that happen with our Content Management Platform that converts paper into electronic format with intelligent OCR, automatically classifies content, interacts with information on the go and creates a centralized repository for all business content regardless of the origin or source.



Artur Kostrzewski
Head of BPO/SSC Operation Center

Bartosz Kochanowski
Head of Process Automation Center

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The technology landscape is still rapidly evolving, and the pressure to grow the business and make all activities more efficient and cheaper, finding critical automation initiatives and implementing them successfully has really become challenging task.

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