Build, scale and govern your custom AI solutions



Generative AI is a defining moment. In the next industrial revolution, making the right investments in this emerging tech can create a multiplier effect for businesses. While enterprise-wide adoption of generative AI remains challenging, organizations that successfully implement these technologies can gain significant competitive advantage

When combined with automation technology, generative AI can help clients improve interactions with customers and partners, as well as boost operational efficiency and productivity

IBM® Watsonx™

IBM® Watsonx™ AI and data platform includes three core components and a set of AI assistants designed to help you scale and accelerate the impact of AI with trusted data across your business. 

  • WatsonX Assistant

— Powered by large language models (LLMs) you can trust
— Intuitive user interface 
— Build AI-powered voice agents and chatbots  
— Deliver automated self-service support across all channels and touch-points 
— Seamless integration to the tools that power your business

  • WatsonX code

IBM watsonx™ Code Assistant leverages generative AI to accelerate development while maintaining the principles of trust, security and compliance at its core. Developers and IT Operators can speed up application modernization efforts and generate automation to rapidly scale IT environments.

  • WatsonX orchestrate

Streamline your workflow by letting Orchestrate automate tasks, find information and simplify complex processes, saving you time and effort. Then you can focus on high impact actions.You can use natural language to interact with Orchestrate and complete tasks and processes across your existing systems with confidence that the right information is found and the next best step is being taken.

There are four core principles that should guide enterprise AI strategies:

Open: taking advantage of the best AI and cloud technologies available

Trusted: transparent, responsible, and well governed

Targeted: highly curated to business domains and use cases

Empowering: offering full control of data and models to create business value


watsonx Orchestrate

  • Harness the power of AI and automation to free up individuals from tedious tasks.

  • Enable employees to quickly offload time-consuming work to tackle more of the work only they can do.

  • Business users can delegate common and complex tasks such as creating a job description, pulling a report in Salesforce or SAP SuccessFactors, sourcing candidates, and more using natural language.

  • Responds in a way that helps you accomplish your task, aligning systems, data and knowledge to achieve an outcome

  • Democratizes access to AI and automation capabilities to achieve bigger ROI on existing investments

watsonx Assistant

  • Build better virtual agents,to deliver consistent and intelligent customer care. 

  • Understand customers in the right context, and provide fast, consistent, and accurate answers, and self-service support across any application, device, or channel.

  • The intuitive build experience empowers everyone in the organization to build and deploy AI-powered virtual agents without writing a line of code.

  • Integrate with the tools, systems, and processes that power your business today… without migrating your technology stack.

  • Empower your employees to experiment, analyze, and optimize an end-to-end customer experiences with built-in analytics tools.

watsonx Code Assistant

  • Accelerate development, application modernization,and assist with IT Operations

  • Increase developer productivity, reduce coding complexity, and accelerate developer onboarding.

  • Purpose-built for targeteduse cases, watsonx Code Assistant uses AI to support application modernization and IT automation.

  • Bridge IT skills gaps by accelerating developer onboarding and enhancing proficiency in different programming languages without extensive upskilling.

  • Reduce time to value through streamlined development cycles for application modernization and automation, guided by AI generated recommendations.



IBM brings together all the necessary technology and services to help our clients solve their business problems.

IBM’s holistic AI services blends organizational AI governance with automated AI model governance ensuring trust

This is one of those rare moments in history when an innovative technology arrives that radically transforms business and society forever. That technology, of course, is artificial intelligence (AI), specifically, generative AI. IBM has a wealth of experience with AI, and an innovative technology roadmap to help clients looking to harness the power of AI to drive growth and create a competitive advantage. How most AI project failed in the past, it’s different now with generative AI models.

IBM’s AI solutions include watsonx and it’s three components,,, and watsonx.governance. In addition, IBM has introduced watsonx AI assistants include watsonx Orchestrate, watsonx Assistant, and watsonx Code Assistant (for Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed and for Z).