AIOps brings together service management, performance management and automation to realize continuous insights and improvement. It manages and analyzes data from an application using machine learning analytics technology to simplify IT operations management and automate problem resolution.

AIOps seeks to address a quickly evolving IT landscape using the convenience of machine learning, automation and big data.

AIOps harnesses big data from operational appliances and has the unique ability to detect and respond to issues instantaneously.

AIOps gives anyone across DevOps, SRE, platform engineering, ITOps and development the data they want with the context they need. It is not limited to a select set of power users.



IBM Instana Observability is an Enterprise Observability Platform powered by fully automated Application Performance Management. It ingests all observability metrics, traces every request and profiles every process, correlating and analyzing the data so DevOps teams can optimize their application performance, especially microservices and cloud-native applications, and accelerate pipelines. 

IBM Instana is democratizing observability with an automated monitoring, comprehensive data model and powerful semantics, coupled with deep analytics,which is giving stakeholders the actionable insights needed to keep services running at optimum levels.



  1. All application stakeholders, from DevOps and SRE to ITOps, Platform Engineering, Dev and even business side users - get the data they want with the context they need.
  2. Applications are automatically discovered and monitored (no reboots, no labels, no tagging)
  3. Full-stack context is automatically discovered with 1-second granularity and an end-to-end trace of every call
  4. Automatic rollbacks and incident remediation can be triggered by intelligent action (before incidents impact end users).
  5. Real-time detection and mapping of all interdependencies reduces risk and decreases MTTR (Mean Time to Restore) by ensuring that you’re always looking at accurate information. 
  6. Intelligent action,resolve issues faster with an understanding of contributing factors. Analyze every user request from any perspective to quickly resolve bottlenecks and optimize performance.



With IBM Turbonomic you can continuously automate cloud application resourcing and see exactly how it improves end-user experience… bridging the gap between App and Cloud Teams.

What if you could?

Pay for what you need, not just what you (over) allocate?

Prevent performance issues before they impact user experience?

Close operational gaps between App and Cloud Teams?

Achieve cloud elasticity with automation?


Optimize the performance and cost of your IT infrastructure, including public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

  1. Improve IT staff productivity by simplifying complex tasks, automating decision-making, and gaining time to innovate.
  2. Optimize public cloud spend by consuming and paying only for what the business really needs, while assuring application performance
  3. Accelerate and de-risk multicloud projects by safely and efficiently migrating workloads between premises and the public cloud to reduce cost and increase efficiency. 
  4. Safely increase infrastructure utilization by eliminating infrastructure as the cause of application performance degradation, without overprovisioning.
  5. Accelerate consolidation and de-risk IT transformation projects across heterogeneous estates.


Why Turbonomic?

Public cloud optimization Kubernetes optimization Data center optimization
Sustainable IT

VM rightsizing

Container rightsizing

Continuous compute placement

Container rightsizing


Storage volume configuration

Pod moves

VM rightsizing

Pod moves


Database configuration

Cluster scaling

Continuous storage placement

Cluster scaling


Maximize RI coverage

Container platform planning


Container platform planning


Optimize RI purchasing

SLO-driven scaling

Initial placement

SLO-driven scaling




IBM brings together all the necessary technology and services to help our clients solve their business problems.

Gartner placed placed IBM Instana in the leader’s quadrant because it is purpose-built for modern technologies with the ability to natively observe over 250 technologies.  

  • Complete and accurate data fidelity (100% traces) means full stack tracing of every request – no sampling.
  • Detect hidden issues with real-time (1 sec) granularity: containers can spin up and decommission in an instant. Metric granularity longer than one second leads to missing data and unidentified problems. 
  • Transparent & predictable pricing (sometimes ½ cost) and unlimited users allows clients expand usage to all teams without additional cost. It also provides clients the ability to benefit from full-stack, enterprise observability during the largest production peaks without a spike in price.
  • True Automated Discovery & Config (production injection): when code changes are deployed, there is no work to do, no tags, no scripts, no restart.  Instana just finds them – automatically – in production – at runtime. No restarts needed.
  • Intuitive User Interface with strong dashboard filtering capabilities : grass-roots, no-training required adoption. It’s not only stabilizing production and decreasing administrative overhead for developers, but also driving a DevOps culture. This continues to be a huge value point reported by clients. 

IBM Turbonomic platform’s application resource management (ARM) capabilities offer a solution to the challenges businesses face due to increasingly complex applications. Using real-time automation and performance analytics, teams can proactively optimize the allocation of compute, storage and network resources at every layer of the stack. This capability eliminates the need for reactive measures and overprovisioning, ultimately saving time and money.

With a comprehensive understanding of application demand and a common data model, the IBM Turbonomic platform ensures continuous application resourcing actions and performance. The platform enables businesses to confidently resource their current and future applications—whether on premises, in the cloud, or on the edge—24 hours a day, every day of the year.